It Depends on Your Placement

Guest article by Nathan StaufferUniversity of Pennsylvania It depends on your placement.If you are fortunate enough to be selected as a Fulbright ETA in Malaysia, that phrase will plague your thoughts from the day you receive your grant letter until the second week of in-country orientation. At first, it may excite you because of the exhilarating … Continue reading It Depends on Your Placement

Living the Fulbright Journey

This video was produced by Ian Schoen, a Fulbright ETA from Pitzer College. Follow his journey as he travels from his home in San Francisco, CA to orientation in Kuala Lumpur.  Ian is now placed at SMK Nasiruddin Shah in the state of Terengganu and is looking forward to producing more videos as he continues his … Continue reading Living the Fulbright Journey

Building, Becoming, Bettering: Kuala-Lumpur-Style

Guest Article by Gina Ciliberto Fordham University In the best possible way, Kuala Lumpur is quirky. It is stores like "Goo Goo Wonderland" (in English: Party Depot) and dishes that bear the title of "supreme," and candy shops called "Chocolate Kingdom." It is open-air markets with smells wafting and stinging the nose, and residents whose … Continue reading Building, Becoming, Bettering: Kuala-Lumpur-Style

Selamat datang (welcome) to the new Fulbright Malaysia Blog!

This blog will be somewhere you can turn to find out what the English Teaching Assistants (ETAs) in Malaysia are up to. We will post guest articles, videos, and news about current ETAs. The ETA program is experiencing an exciting expansion. After a successful 6 year run in Terengganu, in 2012 the ETA program has … Continue reading Selamat datang (welcome) to the new Fulbright Malaysia Blog!