Creating a Legacy of Social Change

Guest Article by John Millock Tufts University Student Amira Maruang speaking at the XChange Forum at the World Innovation Forum in KL Last April, three of my students went to a camp sponsored by the US Embassy.  The 3-day camp, called "CLICK!" was extremely ambitious, asking students from around my state (about 100 students total) … Continue reading Creating a Legacy of Social Change

Bridging the Gender Gap

Guest Article by Alex Clavering College of the Holy Cross ETA Alex Clavering teaching at SMK Sultan Azlan Shah “Gender roles,” “stereotypes,” and “preconceived notions” are not a common part of the lexicon of sixteen year old Malaysian students. In order to help my students fully grasp the meaning of the ideas behind these words … Continue reading Bridging the Gender Gap

Intro to Spontaneity

Guest Article by Andrew Greaves Connecticut College ETA Andrew Greaves with students at SMK Purun My students give stock answers. They know how to say “I am doing well,” but they choose to always answer with “I am fine.” When I asked students what they were afraid of, I gave an example that I was … Continue reading Intro to Spontaneity

English Camp: Cracking the Code

Guest Article by Elizabeth Soltan Cornell University ETA Elizabeth Soltan with her students Recently I found myself, bleary-eyed at 7 am, tying blue string to curtain hooks at both ends of a room to create a “laser alarm system obstacle course” for Malaysian 12- and 13-year-olds. When I walked across the field at my college … Continue reading English Camp: Cracking the Code

Unplanned Lessons

Guest Article by Kelsey GrabBrandeis UniversityStudents join ETA Kelsey Grab's Art Club after school hoursI’m really into setting goals, crossing things off lists and other similar modes of empowerment. I am currently trying to put together a list of things I have to do while I’m here, because that’s what I do in the face … Continue reading Unplanned Lessons

Kreativiti Cikgu Inggeris Amerika – An interview with the ETAs

Fulbright ETAs Kamayani Gupta, Charlie Hornstra and Shalene Gupta were featured in a Malaysian talk show Agenda Awani on Astro AWANI 501 on October 30, 2012 in Kuala Lumpur. Produced by Astro in collaboration with MACEE and the US Embassy Kuala Lumpur. Excerpts from Agenda Awani extracted by Raymond Chew. This show originally broadcasted live … Continue reading Kreativiti Cikgu Inggeris Amerika – An interview with the ETAs

Draw Dance Revolution: Connecting with Malaysian Students Through the Arts

Guest Article by Tina Lee Seattle University SMK Anjung Batu Earth Day Mural. Completed in April 2012 Mersing, Johor is known as a sleepy beach town, however the students at SMK Anjung Batu have shown me that they are bright, creative and they love to dance!    I knew it would be challenging to communicate with … Continue reading Draw Dance Revolution: Connecting with Malaysian Students Through the Arts

I Love the Smell of English in the Morning

Guest Article by Owen Cortner New Mexico State University   “Ewww, smelly.” These were the first words uttered by Adam, a Standard 4 student from SK Cherok Paloh (SKCP), upon entering the gates of the farm of Dato’ Sri’ Muhammad Safian bin Ismail in Kampung Cherok Paloh. Located 30 kilometers south of Kuantan, Pahang, the … Continue reading I Love the Smell of English in the Morning

Becoming Cikgu Rachael

Guest Article by Rachael Chesley St. Mary's College of Notre Dame I pull into my school parking lot on my pink motor scooter while wearing a bright, floral baju kurung. The security guard smiles with a light wave and I shout, “Selamat Pagi!” As I pull carefully into “my spot” at the shaded corner of … Continue reading Becoming Cikgu Rachael

ETAs in the News: English is Finally Fun

Reposted from The Star, see the original online at: MOHD FARHAAN SHAHPhotos by ABDUL RAHMAN EMBONGKULAIJAYA: Learning English is never fun said Mohd Khairi Azreen, a Form Four pupil of SMK Senai.With this thought firmly planted in his mind, the teenager had to force himself to learn the subject for the sake of learning.But his … Continue reading ETAs in the News: English is Finally Fun