The (Super) Power of Language

Guest article by Morgan Hughes College of Wooster Morgan and students participate in a small-group discussion in class. I spend a lot of time thinking about language. And not just in the sense that I teach English and so it is literally my job to think about language. Parts of speech, irregular verb conjugations, and … Continue reading The (Super) Power of Language

The Beginning of Our Journey: The EcoWarriors

Student Guest Article by Irene Tan Ai Lin, Nithiya Vaami A/P R. Nagarajan, Norhazlina Binti Ramlee, Nurul Aizah Binti Mohamed Shafawi, and Syahirunnisa Binti Mohamed Nazri SMK Lahat, Perak ETA Poonam Daryani with the EcoWarriors on the first day of camp Hello guys! We’re the EcoWarriors, a group of five Form 4ST students from SMK Lahat. … Continue reading The Beginning of Our Journey: The EcoWarriors