A Glimpse of Gawai

Guest Article written by Katherine Dunn State University of New York Jewel’s longhouse is more modern than others with its electricity and tile floors, though the tendency to overfeed is the same. “Makai, makai – eat, eat!” a woman says as she places a short stalk of bamboo in my hand. I peel away the green … Continue reading A Glimpse of Gawai

A Birthday Unlike Any Other

Guest Article Written by Tristan Olson Western Washington University, WABirthdays are special in American culture, no matter where you are, but I think being in Malaysia added something that I wasn’t expecting: I was surprised people cared. It sounds weird, because I know people care about me here, but it’s true. Being an ETA, you have … Continue reading A Birthday Unlike Any Other

Singing in the Kampung

Guest Article by Sophia Butler St Olaf College I am a musician because I believe in the power of music to create community, confidence, and cross-cultural understanding. I never really pictured myself as a classroom music teacher, but truthfully, teaching has enabled me to be a musician in many different places, including Malaysia! Before coming … Continue reading Singing in the Kampung


Guest article by Anthony Morgan  Harvard University  The word ‘temporary’ is ingrained into an ETA’s DNA. Monsoon weather is temporary. Fear of saltwater crocodiles is temporary. Our very presence here is temporary, a harsh reality that our Fulbright experience is nearly halfway finished. Reckoning with such a transient notion can be extremely defeating: why bother … Continue reading Temporary?