Satu Malaysia: Rocking Boats and Eating my Way through the Motherland

Guest article by Shaina MackinSeattle Pacific University The girls of SMK Kenering at an after school dance workshop in the canteen Turmeric stained fingertips saturated in gold carry with them evidence of fish curry; I am reminded of my breakfast as I lift marker to whiteboard and find I am, once again, out of ink. … Continue reading Satu Malaysia: Rocking Boats and Eating my Way through the Motherland

It Depends on Your Placement

Guest article by Nathan StaufferUniversity of Pennsylvania It depends on your placement.If you are fortunate enough to be selected as a Fulbright ETA in Malaysia, that phrase will plague your thoughts from the day you receive your grant letter until the second week of in-country orientation. At first, it may excite you because of the exhilarating … Continue reading It Depends on Your Placement

The Princess and the Library

Guest Article by Sarah Toigo George Washington University Mural painted by ETA Sarah Toigo and students celebrating the opening of the new hostel library “Oh by the way, Teacher, the Princess is coming,” one of my students interjected matter-of-factly as we chatted in the teacher’s lounge on an otherwise normal Thursday morning. Assuming this was … Continue reading The Princess and the Library

Bridging the Gender Gap

Guest Article by Alex Clavering College of the Holy Cross ETA Alex Clavering teaching at SMK Sultan Azlan Shah “Gender roles,” “stereotypes,” and “preconceived notions” are not a common part of the lexicon of sixteen year old Malaysian students. In order to help my students fully grasp the meaning of the ideas behind these words … Continue reading Bridging the Gender Gap