Not Alone

Guest Article Written by Nicole Colon New Jersey City University I had prepared myself for a lot of things before coming to Malaysia. I thought I had gotten the right products, the right advice, the right books. I had prepared myself for the culture shock, letting things go, going with the flow, and learning new … Continue reading Not Alone

All the (ETA) World’s a Stage

Erin ShawUniversity of North Carolina at Asheville The end of the grant is starting to creep up over the horizon. In one more month, bags will be packed, the trusty Nissan Almera with a deceptively wide turning radius will be returned to the rental agency, and pre-loved baju kurungs will be boxed up for the … Continue reading All the (ETA) World’s a Stage

Intro to Spontaneity

Guest Article by Andrew Greaves Connecticut College ETA Andrew Greaves with students at SMK Purun My students give stock answers. They know how to say “I am doing well,” but they choose to always answer with “I am fine.” When I asked students what they were afraid of, I gave an example that I was … Continue reading Intro to Spontaneity