Making the World a Better Place, One Volunteer at a Time

Guest article by Amelia Spinrad Arizona State University During my time in Perlis, Malaysia, the northern part of peninsular Malaysia, right on the Thailand border, I have heard my students mention people from Burma. I ask them who lives in the houses across from our school and they tell me that the people from Burma … Continue reading Making the World a Better Place, One Volunteer at a Time

Kids Lacrosse the World

Guest article by Kelly Case State University of New York New Paltz At midnight on August 24th, Cori Fain and I anxiously stood at the airport awaiting the arrival of Elliott Couch and Samson Tan, two lacrosse coaches from America, in anticipation for a week of —well, we had no idea. ETA Kelly Case with her … Continue reading Kids Lacrosse the World

Solace in the Jungle

Guest article by Bryan Cronan Emory University Kampung Dala is tucked deep in the jungle outside Gerik, Perak. It’s an idyllic place. Fruit trees and flowers surround small family compounds. Kids play in the lush yards between the homes as the adults lounge on bamboo platforms. Dala’s villages are part of the Temiar tribe, commonly … Continue reading Solace in the Jungle

Not Much, You?

Guest article by Hannah Hunter State University of New York at Geneseo During an Iftar (the breaking fast meal) celebration at my school on the last week of Ramadan, one teacher asked my roommate Catherine, “Puasa?” as in, “Are you fasting?” But what we heard was “What’s up?” Our response: “Not much, you?” Well, it was … Continue reading Not Much, You?

Rock ‘n’ Rollin’ in the Kampong

Guest article by Anika Manzoor Grinnell College "Okay everyone, when Bumblefoot comes on stage, you should welcome him with crazy energy! Like this: Bumble-foot! Bumble-foot! Here, let's practice." I stifled a groan as a few lackluster chants of “Bumblefoot” echoed throughout the modest performance hall of SMK Majakir. I knew full well that these two-hundred plus … Continue reading Rock ‘n’ Rollin’ in the Kampong

Living to the Fullest

Guest article by Angelina Jefary SMK Siburan When I first met Mr. Andrew Taylor, I asked, “Why are you so tall? Do you drink coconut milk a lot?” Mr. Andrew was my school ETA for 2014. He was also the tallest English Teaching Assistant (ETA) among the Sarawak ETAs. We were having a debate competition … Continue reading Living to the Fullest

Ghost Stories

Guest article by Elizabeth DeMeo Johns Hopkins University Haunted?   “Yes, Miss.” But seriously, like, haunted? As in— “Miss. YES.” It was my second week of teaching and I was sitting with students, trying to absorb all the small idiosyncrasies that would come to be the hallmarks of our next ten months together. At the … Continue reading Ghost Stories

Lessons from the Kampong: A Journey through Kelantan

Guest Article by Maxwell Stanford Coe College ETA Maxwell Stanford, center, with fellow ETAs and students at SMK Kampong Laut This past week has been unlike any other I have previously experienced. Our two-week long orientation in Kuala Lumpur, filled with important informational sessions from MACEE and meetings with the Malaysian Ministry of Education and … Continue reading Lessons from the Kampong: A Journey through Kelantan

A Student-Devouring Monster

Guest Article by Sara Townsend Scripps College The skin on my cheeks droops past my chin, gray in color, lizard-like in texture.  My hair stands up in all directions, an electrified purple.  The clothes on my body literally crawl.  My blood-shot eyes swell from their sockets, roving and dark with covetousness.   Monster Sara with … Continue reading A Student-Devouring Monster

Life in the Big City

Guest Article by Karam Sethi Connecticut College “You’re going where?”  “Malaysia.” “So you’re going to live in like…a hut?” “I don’t think so…” “Well stock up on pizza and milkshakes.  You’re definitely not going to get any there.” Wrong, my ill-informed friends, very wrong. I tried to temper my expectations before arriving in Kuala Lumpur, … Continue reading Life in the Big City