It Depends on Your Placement

Guest article by Nathan StaufferUniversity of Pennsylvania It depends on your placement.If you are fortunate enough to be selected as a Fulbright ETA in Malaysia, that phrase will plague your thoughts from the day you receive your grant letter until the second week of in-country orientation. At first, it may excite you because of the exhilarating … Continue reading It Depends on Your Placement

A poem: Two Squares Of Light Cast Out The Window

Guest article by Carlina DuanUniversity of MichiganPoem first presented at a celebration of the 2016 ETA program at the National Library of Malaysia on October 31, 2016.  Carlina and her Form 4 students at the release party of their literary arts anthology, Underneath My Heart (in collaboration with SMK Jengka 16 & 18). One of … Continue reading A poem: Two Squares Of Light Cast Out The Window

Working Together-gether

Guest Article by Matthew Ropp Northern Illinois University ETA Matthew Ropp with his ayah angkat, Pak Din It's 2:00 in the afternoon, the sun beating down on my unprotected skin; I can already feel the uncomfortable warmth settling into my tissue letting me know that by tomorrow I will be the color of a freshly … Continue reading Working Together-gether

Malaysian Hospitality

Guest Article by Andrea Zinn Villanova University   ETA Andrea Zinn stands by her frequently difficult car     This past Friday, I was driving to an English Camp about 2.5 hours away from my town when the usual happened: my car broke down. This is not the first occurrence, and I am sure it … Continue reading Malaysian Hospitality

Berbuka Puasa – Breaking the Fast

Guest Article by Alex Clavering College of the Holy Cross ETA Alex Clavering, his family, and a teacher's family celebrating Hari Raya My alarm clock rang incessantly. It was just after 5:00 in the morning. Soon I would hear the echo of the mosque as it beckoned for the call to prayer outside of my … Continue reading Berbuka Puasa – Breaking the Fast

A Student-Devouring Monster

Guest Article by Sara Townsend Scripps College The skin on my cheeks droops past my chin, gray in color, lizard-like in texture.  My hair stands up in all directions, an electrified purple.  The clothes on my body literally crawl.  My blood-shot eyes swell from their sockets, roving and dark with covetousness.   Monster Sara with … Continue reading A Student-Devouring Monster

English Camp: Cracking the Code

Guest Article by Elizabeth Soltan Cornell University ETA Elizabeth Soltan with her students Recently I found myself, bleary-eyed at 7 am, tying blue string to curtain hooks at both ends of a room to create a “laser alarm system obstacle course” for Malaysian 12- and 13-year-olds. When I walked across the field at my college … Continue reading English Camp: Cracking the Code

Life in the Big City

Guest Article by Karam Sethi Connecticut College “You’re going where?”  “Malaysia.” “So you’re going to live in like…a hut?” “I don’t think so…” “Well stock up on pizza and milkshakes.  You’re definitely not going to get any there.” Wrong, my ill-informed friends, very wrong. I tried to temper my expectations before arriving in Kuala Lumpur, … Continue reading Life in the Big City

Shy Away

Guest Article by Katie Schmittauer Ohio University Retiring (adj): Reserved, shy. Example: The retiring young student hid her face behind her hands and refused to speak when Miss Katie asked her a question. Studying for the GRE gave me creative new vocabulary to describe my problem, but failed to provide me with a solution, just … Continue reading Shy Away

Unplanned Lessons

Guest Article by Kelsey GrabBrandeis UniversityStudents join ETA Kelsey Grab's Art Club after school hoursI’m really into setting goals, crossing things off lists and other similar modes of empowerment. I am currently trying to put together a list of things I have to do while I’m here, because that’s what I do in the face … Continue reading Unplanned Lessons