The Weary Traveler

Guest Article Written by Tyrone Fleurizard Wingate University When I reached my boarding gate at the Hong Kong International Airport, I sat only for a minute before walking to the farthest charging station to call my homie, Tim. I was fatigued by the sixteen-hour flight from New York, and daunted by what I had noticed: … Continue reading The Weary Traveler

A Birthday Unlike Any Other

Guest Article Written by Tristan Olson Western Washington University, WABirthdays are special in American culture, no matter where you are, but I think being in Malaysia added something that I wasn’t expecting: I was surprised people cared. It sounds weird, because I know people care about me here, but it’s true. Being an ETA, you have … Continue reading A Birthday Unlike Any Other

Young Inventor’s Challenge

Guest Article by Emily Fleitz American University The most rewarding part of being a Fulbright ETA is seeing my students grow.  But it can be a pretty slow process. I have to remind myself that I cannot know my true impact and that my students will continue being affected by me long after I leave.  It’s … Continue reading Young Inventor’s Challenge

ETAs Explore Kuala Lumpur!

ETAs at the Petronas Towers Known as KL to the locals, Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia. It's a large and diverse city where the Chinese, Indian, and Malay influences that form the foundation of this country converge. In KL's Chinatown Pouring the national drink, teh tarik - pulled tea Enjoying some Chinese-Malaysian … Continue reading ETAs Explore Kuala Lumpur!