Tending to this Garden

Guest Article Written by Ashley Bernardo University of California, Davis A few weeks ago, I was looking out the window of my gym. It’s muggy and the four fans in the room don’t make a dent in the body heat after a fast-paced Meghan Trainor song. I stick my arm out the window hoping to … Continue reading Tending to this Garden

First Impressions: Sweaty Selfies and the CIA

Guest Article Written by Conor Murtagh Seton Hall University My first day at SMK Hosba was unlike any other I’ve experienced in my brief career as a teacher. As I paced back and forth on the grass in front of my condo in Jitra, Kedah, raining sweat, I recall being overwhelmed with nauseating consternation. Granted, … Continue reading First Impressions: Sweaty Selfies and the CIA