A Student-Devouring Monster

Guest Article by Sara Townsend Scripps College The skin on my cheeks droops past my chin, gray in color, lizard-like in texture.  My hair stands up in all directions, an electrified purple.  The clothes on my body literally crawl.  My blood-shot eyes swell from their sockets, roving and dark with covetousness.   Monster Sara with … Continue reading A Student-Devouring Monster

Life in the Big City

Guest Article by Karam Sethi Connecticut College “You’re going where?”  “Malaysia.” “So you’re going to live in like…a hut?” “I don’t think so…” “Well stock up on pizza and milkshakes.  You’re definitely not going to get any there.” Wrong, my ill-informed friends, very wrong. I tried to temper my expectations before arriving in Kuala Lumpur, … Continue reading Life in the Big City

The Opposite of Malu

Guest Article by Brittany Edwardes University of Central Arkansas SMK Datin Onn Jaafar One of the first Malay words that I learned was malu, meaning something like a mixture between shy, embarrassed, and ashamed. Its cultural impact is far reaching across Malaysia- my students use the word frequently to avoid using their English in front … Continue reading The Opposite of Malu