A Student-Devouring Monster

Guest Article by Sara Townsend Scripps College The skin on my cheeks droops past my chin, gray in color, lizard-like in texture.  My hair stands up in all directions, an electrified purple.  The clothes on my body literally crawl.  My blood-shot eyes swell from their sockets, roving and dark with covetousness.   Monster Sara with … Continue reading A Student-Devouring Monster

The Opposite of Malu

Guest Article by Brittany Edwardes University of Central Arkansas SMK Datin Onn Jaafar One of the first Malay words that I learned was malu, meaning something like a mixture between shy, embarrassed, and ashamed. Its cultural impact is far reaching across Malaysia- my students use the word frequently to avoid using their English in front … Continue reading The Opposite of Malu

Shy Away

Guest Article by Katie Schmittauer Ohio University Retiring (adj): Reserved, shy. Example: The retiring young student hid her face behind her hands and refused to speak when Miss Katie asked her a question. Studying for the GRE gave me creative new vocabulary to describe my problem, but failed to provide me with a solution, just … Continue reading Shy Away

Unplanned Lessons

Guest Article by Kelsey GrabBrandeis UniversityStudents join ETA Kelsey Grab's Art Club after school hoursI’m really into setting goals, crossing things off lists and other similar modes of empowerment. I am currently trying to put together a list of things I have to do while I’m here, because that’s what I do in the face … Continue reading Unplanned Lessons

Living the Fulbright Journey

This video was produced by Ian Schoen, a Fulbright ETA from Pitzer College. Follow his journey as he travels from his home in San Francisco, CA to orientation in Kuala Lumpur.  Ian is now placed at SMK Nasiruddin Shah in the state of Terengganu and is looking forward to producing more videos as he continues his … Continue reading Living the Fulbright Journey

Kreativiti Cikgu Inggeris Amerika – An interview with the ETAs

Fulbright ETAs Kamayani Gupta, Charlie Hornstra and Shalene Gupta were featured in a Malaysian talk show Agenda Awani on Astro AWANI 501 on October 30, 2012 in Kuala Lumpur. Produced by Astro in collaboration with MACEE and the US Embassy Kuala Lumpur. Excerpts from Agenda Awani extracted by Raymond Chew. This show originally broadcasted live … Continue reading Kreativiti Cikgu Inggeris Amerika – An interview with the ETAs