It Depends on Your Placement

Guest article by Nathan StaufferUniversity of Pennsylvania It depends on your placement.If you are fortunate enough to be selected as a Fulbright ETA in Malaysia, that phrase will plague your thoughts from the day you receive your grant letter until the second week of in-country orientation. At first, it may excite you because of the exhilarating … Continue reading It Depends on Your Placement

Working Together-gether

Guest Article by Matthew Ropp Northern Illinois University ETA Matthew Ropp with his ayah angkat, Pak Din It's 2:00 in the afternoon, the sun beating down on my unprotected skin; I can already feel the uncomfortable warmth settling into my tissue letting me know that by tomorrow I will be the color of a freshly … Continue reading Working Together-gether

Young Inventor’s Challenge

Guest Article by Emily Fleitz American University The most rewarding part of being a Fulbright ETA is seeing my students grow.  But it can be a pretty slow process. I have to remind myself that I cannot know my true impact and that my students will continue being affected by me long after I leave.  It’s … Continue reading Young Inventor’s Challenge

The Princess and the Library

Guest Article by Sarah Toigo George Washington University Mural painted by ETA Sarah Toigo and students celebrating the opening of the new hostel library “Oh by the way, Teacher, the Princess is coming,” one of my students interjected matter-of-factly as we chatted in the teacher’s lounge on an otherwise normal Thursday morning. Assuming this was … Continue reading The Princess and the Library

Adventure Time!

Guest Article by Andrew Foltz-Morrison Rutgers University It wasn't difficult to choose this theme. I love the show, and it gets played regularly on Astro, the main satellite television provider, so many of my students share this enthusiasm. I drew the logo for the camp in the school canteen, and the students confirmed my suspicions … Continue reading Adventure Time!

Malaysian Hospitality

Guest Article by Andrea Zinn Villanova University   ETA Andrea Zinn stands by her frequently difficult car     This past Friday, I was driving to an English Camp about 2.5 hours away from my town when the usual happened: my car broke down. This is not the first occurrence, and I am sure it … Continue reading Malaysian Hospitality

Berbuka Puasa – Breaking the Fast

Guest Article by Alex Clavering College of the Holy Cross ETA Alex Clavering, his family, and a teacher's family celebrating Hari Raya My alarm clock rang incessantly. It was just after 5:00 in the morning. Soon I would hear the echo of the mosque as it beckoned for the call to prayer outside of my … Continue reading Berbuka Puasa – Breaking the Fast

Embracing Imperfection

Guest Article by Emily Rivard University of Massachusetts Amherst ETA Emily Rivard with Students at SMK Bukit Mentok Perfection is easy to teach. It's an easy concept to grasp and a very easy one to reinforce. Kids learn pretty fast that if they get every question correct, do everything right, and win everything they participate … Continue reading Embracing Imperfection

The Speaker’s Corner

Guest Article by Julia Holup University of Pennsylvania ETA Julia Holup with student at SMK Seri Dungun Fear.It can be a helpful thing in the right doses, at the right times. We carry it with us every day, like a lightweight coat that helps minimize risk and shield us from danger. Fear is what stops … Continue reading The Speaker’s Corner