Lessons Learned from Teaching

Guest article by Josh Frank Trinity College  One of my first goals in becoming an English Teaching Assistant (ETA) was to understand the needs of my community. At state orientation for Terengganu, the east coast state where I now live, I had the opportunity to ask my mentor questions about where students needed the most … Continue reading Lessons Learned from Teaching

A Roller Coaster of Feels: The Trials and Triumphs in Hosting an English Camp

Guest Article by Lalitha AduryAmerican University  As ETAs, we have a diverse job description. We co-teach 20 hours a week, get involved in, or even run and lead, extracurricular activities and clubs, and are required to host two English camps for our students. While I enjoy all (eh, maybe more like most) aspects of my … Continue reading A Roller Coaster of Feels: The Trials and Triumphs in Hosting an English Camp

The Hats We Wear

Guest Article by Kayla SweeneyWestern Kentucky University I’m convinced months have fewer days here in Malaysia, although the hours sometimes pass like a humid, slow-motion film. There is much I cannot form into words yet. The constant but slow processing that happens as we learn from the students in front of us, the mountains stretched … Continue reading The Hats We Wear

Never About the Destination, Always About the Journey

Guest article by Anna Denisenko University of Central Florida Anna with her women leaders at SMK Lake When I started my Women Leaders Club at SMK Lake in Bau, Sarawak, I had roughly 15 girls (all 16 years old) rotate through my meetings. We discussed issues relating to Self Esteem, Wellness, Relationships, and of course, … Continue reading Never About the Destination, Always About the Journey

Adventure Time!

Guest Article by Andrew Foltz-Morrison Rutgers University It wasn't difficult to choose this theme. I love the show, and it gets played regularly on Astro, the main satellite television provider, so many of my students share this enthusiasm. I drew the logo for the camp in the school canteen, and the students confirmed my suspicions … Continue reading Adventure Time!