Bootstraps and Boleh

Guest article by Alana Deluty College of Wooster Some of Alana's Form 4 students at the ETA led Superteens Teen Empowerment Camp  During orientation, the program coordinators had us read an article Called "Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person," an excellent piece by Gina Crosley-Corcoran. This blog post isn't really about white privilege, … Continue reading Bootstraps and Boleh


Processing Blackness

Guest article by Shima St. GermainAgnes Scott CollegeThe history with my race has been an exhausting roller coaster ride. It’s been riddled with questioning, conscious searching for belonging, impostor syndrome, hatred, lack of understanding, and a boat-load of confusion with myself, the world, and everything in between. There was a moment of perceived peace after … Continue reading Processing Blackness

The Hats We Wear

Guest Article by Kayla SweeneyWestern Kentucky University I’m convinced months have fewer days here in Malaysia, although the hours sometimes pass like a humid, slow-motion film. There is much I cannot form into words yet. The constant but slow processing that happens as we learn from the students in front of us, the mountains stretched … Continue reading The Hats We Wear


Guest article by Matt Fernandes Syracuse University A couple months ago, I spent a lot of time reading about giraffes. Giraffes in captivity sleep about four hours a day. Wild adult giraffes apparently can sleep in short, restless bursts, only about 5 minutes at a time to lower vulnerability to predators. Many giraffes even stand … Continue reading Giraffe

Sister // Outsider

Guest Article by Joanne Chern Scripps College Joanne "free-styling" with the drama team   The thing that nobody really wants to admit, even within the cohort, is that being an ETA can be an intensely lonely experience. It’s a natural part of the ETA job – you cannot feel lonely if you do not feel invested, … Continue reading Sister // Outsider

Boom Lah!

Guest Article by Anna Santoleri Harvard University The Kota Belud futsol team On December 21st, 2014, I decided that I could no longer call myself a soccer player. Yes, soccer had been one of the most defining parts of my identity since I was 7. It was how I spent my summers, my weekends, and … Continue reading Boom Lah!

Say Yes to Everything

Guest Article by Samuel Schleipman Bates College The moment of arrival is one you never forget, because there are few moments when your future crystallizes as sharply as the first time you step into your new home. For months I had been wondering about the town I would be living in, the comfort of my … Continue reading Say Yes to Everything

A Happy Misfortune

Guest article by Rebecca Fulp-Eickstaedt The College of William & Mary Rebecca standing next to her rental car Oh my goodness, what a morning. It was supposed to be a very important one for me. Madame Tan (my mentor) had arranged to have my official "welcoming ceremony" at today's 7:20 AM assembly, so this morning my alarm … Continue reading A Happy Misfortune

Never About the Destination, Always About the Journey

Guest article by Anna Denisenko University of Central Florida Anna with her women leaders at SMK Lake When I started my Women Leaders Club at SMK Lake in Bau, Sarawak, I had roughly 15 girls (all 16 years old) rotate through my meetings. We discussed issues relating to Self Esteem, Wellness, Relationships, and of course, … Continue reading Never About the Destination, Always About the Journey

Reflections on Differences and Cross-Cultural Exchange

Guest article from Rose Tran University of Central Florida Based on her farewell speech given at the U.S. Ambassador's residence in KL, 30/10/2015 Rose painting a mural with her students This year, there were 100 ETAs who came from the United States to Malaysia. As a group, we represent nearly the entirety of the U.S. … Continue reading Reflections on Differences and Cross-Cultural Exchange