Working Together-gether

Guest Article by Matthew Ropp Northern Illinois University ETA Matthew Ropp with his ayah angkat, Pak Din It's 2:00 in the afternoon, the sun beating down on my unprotected skin; I can already feel the uncomfortable warmth settling into my tissue letting me know that by tomorrow I will be the color of a freshly … Continue reading Working Together-gether

Shy Away

Guest Article by Katie Schmittauer Ohio University Retiring (adj): Reserved, shy. Example: The retiring young student hid her face behind her hands and refused to speak when Miss Katie asked her a question. Studying for the GRE gave me creative new vocabulary to describe my problem, but failed to provide me with a solution, just … Continue reading Shy Away

ETAs in the News!

Being an American ETA in rural Malaysia means you are the focus of a lot of attention, ETAs sometimes say they feel like celebrities here. Of course, that feeling grows stronger when your taxi driver knows your name because he recognizes your face from the front-page of the newspaper! (True story!) The New Straits Times … Continue reading ETAs in the News!