Have You Been to Long Pa’sia?

Guest Article Written by Griffin Kammerer Swarthmore College Since week one of school my students have been asking me a question, “Sir, have you been to Long Pa'sia yet?” Tragically, it would take me another seven months to finally reach the village and understand why they were so eager to ask me such a question. … Continue reading Have You Been to Long Pa’sia?

A Glimpse of Gawai

Guest Article written by Katherine Dunn State University of New York Jewel’s longhouse is more modern than others with its electricity and tile floors, though the tendency to overfeed is the same. “Makai, makai – eat, eat!” a woman says as she places a short stalk of bamboo in my hand. I peel away the green … Continue reading A Glimpse of Gawai

Let There Be Light

Guest Article written by Meghan Gunn Washington University in St. Louis On a July night somewhere in the Borneo jungle, I share a twin size mattress with two girls. They guess they are around 16, but age doesn’t seem to matter here and neither does time, the day’s progression still guided by the sun’s movements … Continue reading Let There Be Light

The View from Immersion

Guest article by Alena JaAgnes Scott College As I looked at my students bobbing on tip toes in the impossibly clear Sabah ocean, I could see their hesitation. I had cheered them on as they ran down the beach after their scuba instructors, for many their first time seeing the ocean, watched as their enthusiasm … Continue reading The View from Immersion


Guest article by Anthony Morgan  Harvard University  The word ‘temporary’ is ingrained into an ETA’s DNA. Monsoon weather is temporary. Fear of saltwater crocodiles is temporary. Our very presence here is temporary, a harsh reality that our Fulbright experience is nearly halfway finished. Reckoning with such a transient notion can be extremely defeating: why bother … Continue reading Temporary?