Calves, Legs, and Ankles, Oh my!

Guest Article Written by Christine ButchkoVillanova UniversityFor 72 hours, my calves were a trending topic. Two separate calf-exposing incidents plus my incredulity served as a reminder of the beauties and frustrations that come from cultural exchange. It all started with a poetry slam I was organizing for the students for Resource Room week. Perched on … Continue reading Calves, Legs, and Ankles, Oh my!


ETAs Explore Kuala Lumpur!

ETAs at the Petronas Towers Known as KL to the locals, Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia. It's a large and diverse city where the Chinese, Indian, and Malay influences that form the foundation of this country converge. In KL's Chinatown Pouring the national drink, teh tarik - pulled tea Enjoying some Chinese-Malaysian … Continue reading ETAs Explore Kuala Lumpur!