Calves, Legs, and Ankles, Oh my!

Guest Article Written by Christine ButchkoVillanova UniversityFor 72 hours, my calves were a trending topic. Two separate calf-exposing incidents plus my incredulity served as a reminder of the beauties and frustrations that come from cultural exchange. It all started with a poetry slam I was organizing for the students for Resource Room week. Perched on … Continue reading Calves, Legs, and Ankles, Oh my!

All the (ETA) World’s a Stage

Erin ShawUniversity of North Carolina at Asheville The end of the grant is starting to creep up over the horizon. In one more month, bags will be packed, the trusty Nissan Almera with a deceptively wide turning radius will be returned to the rental agency, and pre-loved baju kurungs will be boxed up for the … Continue reading All the (ETA) World’s a Stage

Into the Abstract

Guest Article by Joey Krenz  University of Minnesota, Twin Cities              When I applied for a Fulbright ETA grant in Malaysia, the last place I expected to be living was up in the mountains.  Fast-forward to January 2017 and I’m living in Ranau, a small town at the base of Mt. Kinabalu on the island … Continue reading Into the Abstract

Unplanned Lessons

Guest Article by Kelsey GrabBrandeis UniversityStudents join ETA Kelsey Grab's Art Club after school hoursI’m really into setting goals, crossing things off lists and other similar modes of empowerment. I am currently trying to put together a list of things I have to do while I’m here, because that’s what I do in the face … Continue reading Unplanned Lessons

Draw Dance Revolution: Connecting with Malaysian Students Through the Arts

Guest Article by Tina Lee Seattle University SMK Anjung Batu Earth Day Mural. Completed in April 2012 Mersing, Johor is known as a sleepy beach town, however the students at SMK Anjung Batu have shown me that they are bright, creative and they love to dance!    I knew it would be challenging to communicate with … Continue reading Draw Dance Revolution: Connecting with Malaysian Students Through the Arts