The Highs and Lows

Guest article by Dominique Martinez St. Edward's University I applied for an ETA grant in hopes of further self-discovery and intensive immersion in a completely foreign culture. Now how great does that sound? Sign me up right? Six months into the grant, I’m coming to learn that, like living anywhere, time in Malaysia is a … Continue reading The Highs and Lows

Singing in the Kampung

Guest Article by Sophia Butler St Olaf College I am a musician because I believe in the power of music to create community, confidence, and cross-cultural understanding. I never really pictured myself as a classroom music teacher, but truthfully, teaching has enabled me to be a musician in many different places, including Malaysia! Before coming … Continue reading Singing in the Kampung


Guest article by Anthony Morgan  Harvard University  The word ‘temporary’ is ingrained into an ETA’s DNA. Monsoon weather is temporary. Fear of saltwater crocodiles is temporary. Our very presence here is temporary, a harsh reality that our Fulbright experience is nearly halfway finished. Reckoning with such a transient notion can be extremely defeating: why bother … Continue reading Temporary?

Into the Abstract

Guest Article by Joey Krenz  University of Minnesota, Twin Cities              When I applied for a Fulbright ETA grant in Malaysia, the last place I expected to be living was up in the mountains.  Fast-forward to January 2017 and I’m living in Ranau, a small town at the base of Mt. Kinabalu on the island … Continue reading Into the Abstract

It Depends on Your Placement

Guest article by Nathan StaufferUniversity of Pennsylvania It depends on your placement.If you are fortunate enough to be selected as a Fulbright ETA in Malaysia, that phrase will plague your thoughts from the day you receive your grant letter until the second week of in-country orientation. At first, it may excite you because of the exhilarating … Continue reading It Depends on Your Placement

A poem: Two Squares Of Light Cast Out The Window

Guest article by Carlina DuanUniversity of MichiganPoem first presented at a celebration of the 2016 ETA program at the National Library of Malaysia on October 31, 2016.  Carlina and her Form 4 students at the release party of their literary arts anthology, Underneath My Heart (in collaboration with SMK Jengka 16 & 18). One of … Continue reading A poem: Two Squares Of Light Cast Out The Window

Balik Kampung: Memories of Fulbright ETAs in Malaysia

As 2016 draws to an end, we would like to celebrate the success of the Fulbright ETA Program in Malaysia through the lens of the ETAs from the past. In doing so, we published a compilation of stories, poetry and artwork from ETAs throughout 2006-2016. This book is available for sale on Amazon. We appreciate … Continue reading Balik Kampung: Memories of Fulbright ETAs in Malaysia

Bootstraps and Boleh

Guest article by Alana Deluty College of Wooster Some of Alana's Form 4 students at the ETA led Superteens Teen Empowerment Camp  During orientation, the program coordinators had us read an article Called "Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person," an excellent piece by Gina Crosley-Corcoran. This blog post isn't really about white privilege, … Continue reading Bootstraps and Boleh