A Birthday Unlike Any Other

Guest Article Written by Tristan Olson Western Washington University, WABirthdays are special in American culture, no matter where you are, but I think being in Malaysia added something that I wasn’t expecting: I was surprised people cared. It sounds weird, because I know people care about me here, but it’s true. Being an ETA, you have … Continue reading A Birthday Unlike Any Other

Calves, Legs, and Ankles, Oh my!

Guest Article Written by Christine ButchkoVillanova UniversityFor 72 hours, my calves were a trending topic. Two separate calf-exposing incidents plus my incredulity served as a reminder of the beauties and frustrations that come from cultural exchange. It all started with a poetry slam I was organizing for the students for Resource Room week. Perched on … Continue reading Calves, Legs, and Ankles, Oh my!

First Impressions: Sweaty Selfies and the CIA

Guest Article Written by Conor Murtagh Seton Hall University My first day at SMK Hosba was unlike any other I’ve experienced in my brief career as a teacher. As I paced back and forth on the grass in front of my condo in Jitra, Kedah, raining sweat, I recall being overwhelmed with nauseating consternation. Granted, … Continue reading First Impressions: Sweaty Selfies and the CIA

Sponsored by Joy

Guest Article Written by Marra ClayWhitman College Have you ever had a day so full, so wonderful, and so exciting, that at the end of it you just flop on your bed, exhausted but happy? Most of my days in Malaysia have been this way, and for that I am incredibly grateful. Yes, some days … Continue reading Sponsored by Joy

The View from Immersion

Guest article by Alena JaAgnes Scott College As I looked at my students bobbing on tip toes in the impossibly clear Sabah ocean, I could see their hesitation. I had cheered them on as they ran down the beach after their scuba instructors, for many their first time seeing the ocean, watched as their enthusiasm … Continue reading The View from Immersion

Satu Malaysia: Rocking Boats and Eating my Way through the Motherland

Guest article by Shaina MackinSeattle Pacific University The girls of SMK Kenering at an after school dance workshop in the canteen Turmeric stained fingertips saturated in gold carry with them evidence of fish curry; I am reminded of my breakfast as I lift marker to whiteboard and find I am, once again, out of ink. … Continue reading Satu Malaysia: Rocking Boats and Eating my Way through the Motherland

All the (ETA) World’s a Stage

Erin ShawUniversity of North Carolina at Asheville The end of the grant is starting to creep up over the horizon. In one more month, bags will be packed, the trusty Nissan Almera with a deceptively wide turning radius will be returned to the rental agency, and pre-loved baju kurungs will be boxed up for the … Continue reading All the (ETA) World’s a Stage

Lessons Learned from Teaching

Guest article by Josh Frank Trinity College  One of my first goals in becoming an English Teaching Assistant (ETA) was to understand the needs of my community. At state orientation for Terengganu, the east coast state where I now live, I had the opportunity to ask my mentor questions about where students needed the most … Continue reading Lessons Learned from Teaching

A Roller Coaster of Feels: The Trials and Triumphs in Hosting an English Camp

Guest Article by Lalitha AduryAmerican University  As ETAs, we have a diverse job description. We co-teach 20 hours a week, get involved in, or even run and lead, extracurricular activities and clubs, and are required to host two English camps for our students. While I enjoy all (eh, maybe more like most) aspects of my … Continue reading A Roller Coaster of Feels: The Trials and Triumphs in Hosting an English Camp

Over the Mountains and through the Woods

Guest article by Janna Babad State University of New York, Geneseo, NY If you live in Kota Belud, Sabah, there are a few unspoken things that everyone knows: that all one way streets turn into two way streets after sundown, that the G-Mart only sells Parmesan cheese on Mondays, so you better get there first, … Continue reading Over the Mountains and through the Woods