The Beginning of Our Journey: The EcoWarriors

Student Guest Article by Irene Tan Ai Lin, Nithiya Vaami A/P R. Nagarajan, Norhazlina Binti Ramlee, Nurul Aizah Binti Mohamed Shafawi, and Syahirunnisa Binti Mohamed Nazri
SMK Lahat, Perak
ETA Poonam Daryani with the EcoWarriors on the first day of camp
Hello guys! We’re the EcoWarriors, a group of five Form 4ST students from SMK Lahat. Now we want to share with you about the Click! 4.0 Camp. On the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of May, we joined the Click! 4.0 Camp in Penang. Click! 4.0 Camp is the place that we learned about social enterprise. Social means to help people, animal, or the environment, while enterprise means business. So, social enterprise is to help people, animal, and environment and make side income. In the camp, we must plan a project that will give us profit and benefit the community. Our project is “Turn Trash into Cash.” Do you know how we will going to make money just with the trash? We will have a competition at our school to see which class collects the most number of recycling, and the winner will have a pizza party. Then, we will donate the recycling to the recycling centre. The money that we get by donating the recycling will be used to buy more reference books because the problem now is our library. Our library is quite lonely because students don’t like to go there. We know that the library doesn’t have suitable reference books, or even interesting ones. So we decided to help our library by buying more reference books and decorating the library. We want our students to feel that library is the most comfortable place to study. Besides helping students to have a lovely library, we’ll also help the environment. We know that our project is sustainable because recycling is a simple thing to do. We don’t need the whole day to recycle. And we don’t need money to collect the trash. So we believe that our project will last a long time.
This project is important to us because it is for our own benefit. If we do this recycling project, we will get money and we can put reference books in our library. Students can read and borrow the books from the librarian to improve their studies. It is also for the students who are less privileged and don’t have enough money to buy reference books. We believe every child regardless of their background deserves an opportunity to study. It is also for the teachers’ own benefit. Teachers can borrow the reference books from the library so it is easy for them to teach the students. From our recycling project, we can also save the environment. As an example, if the students, teachers, and staff love to recycle, our school environment will become much more clean. Imagine if we don’t start recycling – what will happen to our next generation? How can they live in the environment that is polluted and not clean? 
“Trash here, thrash there, trash everywhere!” The EcoWarriors are tackling the problem of the lonely library and lack of student participation in recycling at SMK Lahat through their “Turn Trash Into Cash” project.
We learned so many things at Click! 4.0 Camp. We learned about social enterprise, how to solve community problems, and how to build a model. We also generated new ideas by brainstorming. New ideas can be silly, seemingly impossible, or weird, but the key is to be creative. Our favorite activity was fundraising because we can make more friends, make more money, and the important thing was teamwork. It was very important because we need each other to help finish this game. If there is no teamwork, we can’t succeed in this game, just like our project. We need support from each other. The most challenging activity was making a prototype because we didn’t feel ready at that time, and we felt shy and not confident. We also needed to think about how to build a model for our project in 40 minutes. It was very hard for us, but we still succeeded. We won the Best Pitch award!
SMK Lahat, SMK Padang Polo (Penang), and SMK Mahang (Kedah) were granted the Best Pitch award. These teams received trophies as well as an extra 100RM seed funding to implement their social enterprises.
We’ve learned to be more confident at the Click! 4.0 Camp. Especially when our team was doing the pitching. Pitching is when we have to present our project on stage. We had to explain the main problem, the solution, what is our goal, how how we are going to reach that goal and face the problem we are going through. The pitching gave us the bravery to talk on stage confidently. That was so amazing for us. Teamwork is also important. They taught us how the teamwork done will be absolutely great. Like our teacher said, “The essence of success is teamwork.” Our confidence is increasing and I bet all the participants feel the same. This is the most fantastic part because being confident on stage is the fear of students. During the camp, we started to speak English with teachers, ETAs, and friends, so our English is getting better. We’re so happy because for us this is the best part of participating in the camp.
            It was an awesome experience at Click! 4.0 Camp. We met a lot of new friends from other states such as Penang, Johor, and Kedah. They were very friendly and supportive. The teachers from other schools are also very supportive and they helped us to improve ourselves during this camp. We really appreciated when the friends, ETAs, and teachers from other schools gave us some feedback after our pitching. Moreover, we like to thank the coordinators who organized this Click! 4.0 Camp because the camp is very meaningful for all of us. We learned how to be a leader and a young, woman social entrepreneur in Malaysia. The camp coordinators such as Choon Sian, Warren Chan, Cayenne Lai, Farhana Axman and the others were very motivating and supported us when we were at this Click! 4.0 Camp. They made us energetic and excited by singing and dancing. We loved the Xi Shua Shua dance. You should find it on the YouTube. We are very sure that you will dance and like it. The coordinators came and talked to us about our project and they asked us some useful questions which gave us more creative ideas to solve our problem. They helped us think beyond and built our confidence by giving us some tips and advice, especially during pitching time. That advice made us keep calm and not be nervous when we faced the judges. We hope that God will give us a chance to meet all the friends, teachers, ETAs and coordinators again in our life.

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