Second Language Social Enterprise

What do you get when you combine social entrepreneurism, teenagers and summer camp? The answer is the Click! 3.0 Social Innovation Camp. In mid-March, English Teaching Assistants (ETAs) from across the state of Perak each took three students from their schools to compete with approximately 80 other students in Ipoh, the capital of Perak.

The camp was a workshop on addressing social problems through business. The students had to identify a social problem in their community and come up with a business plan that sold some product or service to address said problem while making enough profit to sustain itself. The camp culminated with each team giving a three-minute presentation of their plan. After the camp, the top teams received RM150 to put their plan into action for eight weeks. Creativity, organisational skills, teamwork and critical thinking were crucial for the students – and all in English! Imagine competing in such a challenge in your second language (or third for some students) as a young student in high school.

ETA Ken Johnson (Slim River, Perak) commented on the impact of the camp on his students and school: 

As far as impact on our students and school, it has been significant.  The team members were ecstatic and it has increased their confidence.  All members of our entrepreneurship/business club were excited to be associated with the project, are more willing to participate in club activities, and more students are asking to join the club. 

ETA Joann Oh, assigned to SMK Dato’ Seri Maharaja Lela in Kampung Gajah, Perak, describes her students’ progress:

It was cool to see my team go from being overwhelmed and shell-shocked on Friday to delivering a business pitch onstage in front of a bunch of strangers on Sunday. 

Students also commented on the camp:

The experience that I got from the Click camp is how to be more creative and to be more disciplined…

…I get a lot of experience, many friends, and of course my confidence level increase.  This camp also improve my English language…

ETA Ruth Kloha (Parit Buntar, Perak) with her first-place team!
ETA Joann Oh (Kampung Gajah, Perak) and her students at the Click! Camp
ETA Zack London (Sungai Siput, Perak) discusses his team’s business plan
ETAs, mentors and students

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